For children, the new Toyor Babby Baby 2020 bird channel is broadcasting on the Arab Sat and Nilesat satellites


Receive the frequency of the new Baby Birds channel after the updates according to April of the new year 2020, via your receiver to receive it, on the Arab Sat satellite and the Nilesat satellite, as searches for the new Toyo Babay Baby Bird channel increased for the sake of children’s entertainment Throughout the curfew.

The new Toyor Baby channel

The Toyor Baby channel was established in order to present its entertaining content to children as it displays many distinct lyrical performances through which it helps the child to improve the level of mental intelligence and human thought of children as well as expanding their awareness and teaching them all the values, norms and good morals on Islamic law, and appropriate Toyor Babby Baby Birds Channel Children from the age of three years until the age of five years before the age of the nursery, Baby Birds Channel provides many strong songs that are attached to the minds that many children love and attach to and repeat throughout the day, and also chant the language or The dialect they follow on the children’s screen, the new Baby Birds channel.

How to receive the frequency of the Baby Birds channel 2020

You can now receive the Toyor Babby Baby Bird Channel through its new frequency for the month of April of the year 2020 AD, on the Arab Sat satellite and also on the Nilesat satellite, in order to be able to follow a strong package of children’s song packages, such as “Song of Colors” , And the song “Hamido Al Hafi”, and the song “Laila and the Wolf”. To enjoy the entertaining content for children, you can receive the frequency as follows: –

The satelliteFrequencyCoding rateCorrection coefficientPolar
Arabs Sat11623275006/5vertical V
Nile sat11391275006/5vertical V

Thus, we have introduced you to the frequency of the new Toyor Baby channel on Nilesat and Arabs Sat, and when it finds new and updated frequency, we will provide it to you through your site in the model.


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