For fun and to review ideas during the ban period .. 6 Egyptian films achieve the goal


The atmosphere of domestic isolation that everyone lives through these days imposes many ideas that caress the minds of their owners, some people review the tape of their lives and try to put specific and meaningful points in their next journey or even try to compensate for the entertainment and hobbies he deserved due, while others live the reality with his details and details Which imposed on them and found themselves in front of them suddenly and there is no way to escape from them, so the current period represents a review of the lives of many greatly.

But with this review, the drama represented in the language of cinema, which is the closest among the fans, remains the best way to express all the current situations and ideas that everyone is going through, but some of these films, other than their entertainment function and what they represent for the viewer to achieve visual pleasure, but it may be a certain A catalyst to change some of the ideas and beliefs of their owners in one way or another, and they may even see them this time differently from other times they have seen them.In this report, we review a set of films that may be a means of entertainment and entertainment for their owners, and to help them make the right decisions or review themselves.

” X-large “

Perhaps during this period everyone is trapped in their free time entertainment by going to the kitchen and trying to present a number of innovations and recipes that they all share through social networking sites, and despite the fun that exists in doing these things, everyone is always afraid of the danger of increasing weight, especially in light of the lack of movement that Live during the ban period and home presence during these days. The famous “Magdi Mekawi” character presented by the artist Ahmed Helmy in the movie “X-Large” may be given to those who have food cravings, and for those who live also get stuck due to weight gain and may even be a catalyst for many to take It was necessary to re-correct his food course and his daily activity program so that he would not fall into a health crisis, as happened to “Azmi” uncle “Magdi Makkawi”, who was playing his role in the movie Ibrahim Nasr.

“We wouldn’t dance.”

How many pressures besieges a person every day within the framework of his usual cycle of work between one profession and another, this conflict that makes a person live in a miserable state all the time that makes his life and his actions a mobile device on the face of the earth, and this is why this period of prohibition represents a state of relative calm from those pressures of life Therefore, “dancing” is a kind of entertainment and recreation and separation from the usual atmosphere for a person to take a degree of rest and armistice to be appointed to continue his life, that idea on which the movie “Ma Tigo Dances” was based on the artist Yusra and quoted from his foreign counterpart “Shall we dance” To Richard Gere and Jennifer Lopez.

Also, the follower of social media pages will find many families, families and even ordinary individuals who dance and put their boycott for the public participation in it as if it is an invitation to everyone to dance and recreation.

“You are flying”

The personality of Dr. Bahij, presented by the artist Ahmed Makki in his film of the same title, remains a permanent reference for the lives of many of us, and it may be more popular during this period due to the calm situation that allows everyone to think about his life and review his personality, perhaps moments may come to each of us wanting Changing himself in order to admire the other or gain an opportunity, but he always remains in a state of psychological struggle between trying to cling to a personality that is not essentially similar to his true identity, so as the words of the movie’s song say, “You try not to be the same again as yourself.”

“Hammam in Amsterdam”

If you are like the “Hammam” figure presented by the modern comedy legend Mohamed Heneidy, thinking about traveling abroad to create a new entity for you, then of course you will have two very difficult options. The first relates to thinking about continuing the dream in spite of the turbulent conditions in the countries of the world due to the spread of the “Corona” epidemic. , And for which a specific date is not known to end, scientific research men are still doing their best to get out of the impasse and reach a medical drug, and therefore the atmosphere of the ban may remain continuous for some time and even with its end, the anxiety to travel abroad to establish a life there remains a difficult choice for its owner in light of this crisis because s He remains surrounded by fear and anxiety.

Here, the second option to stay on the homeland will be something that must be considered strongly, especially after the state of reassurance presented by the Egyptian state in its treatment of the Corona crisis, which many developed countries did not undertake at this stage to the degree that made it even give up bringing its nationals from some countries contrary to the role Played by the Egyptian state.

Secret Men’s Club

The movie, which brought back the great glow of its hero Karim Abdel Aziz in providing comic roles, and with the atmosphere of the home ban, many men suffer from the crisis of sitting from home, and the idea of ​​the movie inspired them to create a secret electronic club as the events of the film as a kind of breathing for them away from their roles in life Marital, but nevertheless, care must be taken in thinking to make this step and review the miserable end of the hero, who almost ravaged his future and his entire family life.

” Miss Mami “

Many girls always reject the idea of ​​engagement so that they do not fall prey to the requirements of married life and its responsibilities in raising children and providing basic household obligations, and perhaps the conditions in which they live compulsively during these days because of the conditions of the ban, which forced many of them to do many of these responsibilities, because those The situation reminds us of “Nabila” or Yasmine Abdel Aziz, the heroine of the movie “Miss Mami” who was afraid to marry her lover to escape from the responsibility that she dreamed of throughout the events of the film, but she returned and changed the idea of ​​refusing to link with the end of the events.

Perhaps many girls during these days may change their point of view, such as the heroine of the movie, especially after they saw that the responsibility and performance of family tasks is not only related to the married girl, but it is a role imposed on everyone, so establishing a married life may be interesting to some of them.

x large

Miss Mami


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