For the first time in history … the call to prayer in Germany with the loudspeaker to face Corona … video


In light of what you are witnessing Germany From a very high number of people infected with a virus SkThe German people were terrorized with all their religions, so Germany decided to resort to the most powerful sedative that could influence people.
For the first time in history it took place Germany By raising the call to prayer through loudspeakers to reassure Muslims in quarantine, in a strong gesture that shows the country’s respect for the religious beliefs of its citizens.

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And videos of the call to prayer sounded all over the place Germany Which prompted Muslims in the streets to enlarge after they walked in their bodies reassurance.
This came in conjunction with Samah Germany Churches and temples also perform their prayers and rituals via loudspeakers.

Germany made these decisions to limit the possession of coronavirus in the hearts of citizens and the spread of panic in the country.

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