Former Fathi representative: The Pyramids negotiations were not our priority


Nader Shawky, the former agent of Ahmed Fathi, spoke that the Pyramids team was negotiating with the player directly, indicating that the Pyramids negotiations were not a priority for him or the player.

Nader Shawky had announced this morning, Wednesday, the end of his work with Ahmed Fathi, after the player refused to renew for Al-Ahly, describing that the player changed his position after the team’s planning management fulfilled all his requests.

Shawky said in statements to the program of the third audience on the channel “On Time Sport 2”: Pyramids was negotiating Ahmed Fathi directly and not through me.

He added: “But Fathi was telling me what was going on in his talks with Pyramids, but this file we were putting aside, and we had another priority, which is renewal with Al-Ahly.”

He continued: “My interest is in the interest of the player, and I will benefit if he gets a greater financial reward, but there are negotiations that should have been respected with Al-Ahly.”

He continued about Fathi’s negotiations with Al-Ahly: “After the views converged and the planning committee met our demands, I was surprised by the player’s retreat in last Monday’s session to ask for a price in return greater than what we agreed upon, so I asked for 48 hours to make the decision.”

“Everything I did during the past few days with Al-Ahly’s planning committee and the plan that I put in place for Fathi collapsed in 5 seconds.”

He concluded: “There were 50,000 scenarios to produce the matter better than that, so it was possible that Fathi Al-Ahly reached his final position in January, or he informed them during the session that was held last Monday before we asked for 48 hours.”


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