Friday: Egypt’s generation with Hassan Shehata among the best in African history


Wael Gomaa, the defender of Al-Ahly and the retired Egyptian team, considered that the generation of his country during the period of coach Hassan Shehata was among the best in Egypt and Africa.

In comments to “Bn Sports” channel, Wael Gomaa said: “Egypt’s national team has won three tournaments for the African Nations Cup, respectively, among the best in the history of Egypt and Africa.

Wael Jumaa added: “This generation was worthy of representing Egypt in the World Cup, and we were close to that, but what happened in the Omdurman match between us and the World Cup.”

Egypt won the African Nations Cup 3 times in successive years in 2006, 2008 and 2010, but lost the playoff in 2009 against Algeria to lose the opportunity to qualify for the 2010 World Cup.

The retired Egyptian defender continued: “The Algeria match in Sudan was very difficult, the whole team was nervous, we overlooked the joy of beating Algeria (2-0) in Cairo a few days ago, and this affected our focus.”

And Juma added: “Our joy was more than necessary in winning the final match in the group before the playoff, our joy lasted for two days and then we prepared for the match only two days ago.”

And I ended Juma: “The celebrations affected the fans with a negative impact, and the Algerian fans were present with more strength and intensity than the Egyptian fans on the field, and this was a positive factor for Algeria, unlike Egypt.


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