Gags are not a magical solution to prevent corona


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The World Health Organization today warned that Use of masks alone is not sufficient To overcome the outbreak of the Coronavirus, which has so far killed more than 70,000 people.

“The respirators should only be used as part of a package of” other preventive measures, “he said in a video conference. There is no definitive answer and there is no magic bullet, Gags alone cannot stop Covid-19’s outbreak.

He considered that the use of masks is justified only when it is not possible to wash hands or social divergence.

“Countries should consider the issue of using masks in societies where it is difficult to wash hands and physical divergence due to lack of water or overcrowding,” said Gypressus.

But he stressed that the widespread use of medical masks may exacerbate the lack of protective equipment for health workers.

“Racist” proposals to test a vaccine in Africa

In another context, Gebresus denounced the “racist statements” made Researchers recently referred to Africa as a “test field” for a possible vaccine Against Corona virus, it is expected that it will take between 12 and 18 months to reach it.

“Africa cannot and will not be a testing ground for any vaccine,” said the director-general of the organization, who previously held the position of Ethiopian foreign minister, condemning the “colonial mentality.”

He continued: “Hearing this type of statement from scientists in the 21st century was shameful and horrific. We condemn it in the strongest terms and we assure you that this will not happen.”

America denies “seizing” a shipment of masks

Returning to the topic of gags, many countries suffer from A huge shortage of this important equipment To prevent the virus.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel told reporters today that Europe should achieve “self-sufficiency” in the production of protective masks, saying that this is “one of the lessons that we have learned from this pandemic.”

Several countries have exchanged accusations of seizing shipments of masks intended for them.

In this context, the US embassy in Germany denied today that the United States had “confiscated” a shipment of protective masks heading to Berlin, considering these accusations as misleading news aimed at spreading the division.

A spokesman for the embassy told “Agence France Presse” that “the United States government has not taken any step to transfer any goods destined for Germany and we have no knowledge of such a shipment.”

“We are concerned about widespread attempts to divide international efforts through misleading information campaigns, not attributed to reliable sources,” he added.

Berlin Interior Minister Andreas Geisel said on Friday that 200,000 of the protective masks are made by a US company in China intended for Berlin police, “confiscated” in Bangkok.

He accused the United States of using “the outlawed American West’s methods” and of “an act of modern piracy.”

Geisel added to the charges Monday morning, confirming that the shipment had been transferred to the United States.

He told public radio “ZDF”: “The truth is that we ordered and paid for an order … Our protective cams in the United States ended. This is not good.”

The German newspaper “Bild” reported that the shipment contains masks manufactured in China by the US company “3-M”, one of the leading brands in this sector.

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