Global Health Representative: Corona injury numbers circulating in Egypt are inaccurate


Dr. John Jabbour, representative of the World Health Organization in Egypt, stressed that the estimates that are being circulated about the presence of injuries amounting to 19,500 cases in Egypt are inaccurate, adding: “We face numerical estimates in Egypt and were reported in the media without scientific discussion and there is no country in the world If there are systematic estimates based on scientific foundations rejected by the organization, but on the contrary, we can respond to it in order to face the epidemic.

Jabour stressed in a press conference today, Monday, saying: “If it is adopted on the basis of unscientific information for the entire monitoring content, then the information will be false.” And also 1500 deaths, and we were supposed to have a few thousand cases.

Jabour stressed that the World Health Organization is neutral and far from politics.


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