Global Health warns of a “fatal” return to the epidemic if isolation is lifted


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Tidros Adanum Gebresos, WHO Director-General, said on Friday that several European countries are experiencing a decline in injuries, and that the decline in injuries and the lack of the need for intensive care are good indicators, warning at the same time of a “fatal” return to the epidemic if the isolation is lifted.

Gebrissos added during a press conference, that it is necessary to exercise caution and strictness in applying social divergence.

The Director-General of the World Health Organization warned against a hasty lifting of isolation measures taken to curb the spread of the Covid-19 epidemic, and said that this could cause a “fatal” return to the virus.

“As everyone is, the WHO wants to see the lifting of restrictions. At the same time, hastening to lift the restrictions could lead to a fatal return,” said Tedros Adhanum Gebresos. He added that “the decline (of epidemics) may be just as dangerous as an outbreak if it is not properly handled.”

He explained that there is a “slowdown” in the spread of the epidemic in some European countries, especially Italy, Germany, Spain and France, but there is a “worrying acceleration” in the spread in other countries, and that includes community infection in 16 African countries.

Corona deaths in Belgium exceeded 3 thousand cases, while Spain recorded the lowest level Since last March 24. Germany is experiencing an increase in injuries for the fourth consecutive day after a decline that lasted for several days.

In Britain, health officials said that the number of deaths from coronavirus infection in England’s hospitals increased 866 people in the past 24 hours to 8,114 people. They added that the deceased were between 27 and 100 years old. They mentioned that 56 of them had not had any health problems before.

Belgium announced 426 new deaths from the Corona virus, and the total death toll rose to 3019. It also reported 1689 new infections, bringing the total number of infections to 26,667.

The case of Ebola 3 days before the outbreak was announced

In a related context, the World Health Organization announced a new confirmed case of the Ebola virus in eastern Congo, just three days before the country announced the end of the outbreak.

The new case was confirmed Friday in Beni, a town that was the second most bloody outbreak of Ebola in history.

52 days passed without a case, and the WHO Director-General said it was planned to announce the end of the outbreak on Monday. “We were ready and expecting more cases,” he added.

“I am very sad,” said Machidiso Moiti, Africas director of global health.

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