Goodbye, Hayat Al-Fahad .. The Umm Haroun series fails in the Gulf because of Judaism


Umm Haroun, the Google search index, has been released in Kuwait during the past few hours, coinciding with the start of the holy month of Ramadan for 2020.

The series highlights the tragedy of “Umm Fahd,” which is played by the artist Hayat Al-Fahd, a socially outcast woman due to her Jewish faith. The work is produced by MBC, written by Ali Shams and Muhammad Shams, and directed by Muhammad Jamal al-Adl.

Regarding the personality of “Umm Haroun”, it has to do with the Jewish “Umm Jan” figure, who has been working for nurse years in Bahrain, as it was reported, “Al-Fahd” said, there is no relationship between “Umm Haroun” and “Umm Jan”, all of the matter is that we took from “Umm Jan” is the only form and profession, and there are no work events linking the two characters.

One of the tweeters asked about “the goals of a series that tells the story of a Jewish woman suffering in the Gulf? Does Israel broadcast series on the story of a Muslim in its prisons, or a house demolished by its owners for its settlers, or the story of the thousands of Palestinian families whose bodies have torn their planes? Are their screens bragging about the sight of Muhammad al-Durrah as he rains it with bullets? ”

One of the tweeters defended the series and wrote: “I do not see the necessity of sensitization from the Umm Haroun series, as the Jews lived in some Gulf countries, and they were also rooted in many Arab countries. If his goal is normalization, it is rejected by us. ”


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