Google creates a relief fund for the press to help corporations around the world through the Corona crisis


The Corona Virus pandemic threatens the existence of small and medium-sized news organizations, which may suffer from significantly reduced advertising revenue, and in order to help small newsrooms, Google decided to help and provide financial support, as it announced the “Emergency Relief Fund for the Press” as part of the Google News initiative.

“The fund aims to support indigenous press production for local communities in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, and by working globally, we will provide an easily accessible path to financial assistance at this critical time,” Google said.

Newsrooms in all major regions can participate in this initiative to benefit from the funds, and the funds will be disbursed in either US dollars or Euros depending on the region.

And Google explained on its website dedicated to this initiative on the Internet that the amounts of financing will range from a few thousand for small local newsrooms to tens of thousands of larger newsrooms, with differences in each region.

Google will provide funds for those news outlets that focus on providing basic news, not those interested in Lifestyle or Sports, as the fund targets newsrooms that employ between 2 – 100 full-time journalists, and the news outlet must have a digital presence and have been operating since 12 At least a month.

Google added: “Eligible applicants can be traditional or not-for-profit news organizations, and radio and television broadcasters.”

And Google explained that government-owned entities are not eligible to apply, and regarding the selection process, Google said: “The initial selection of proposals will be made by teams of Google employees who have knowledge and experience in digital publishing and journalism.”

The applicants will then be contacted via email and offered the finance to them before they are required to sign a financing agreement with Google, and then the applicants who have been chosen to register as a Google partner (if they are not already) will be asked to obtain the financing. ”


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