Governor of Alexandria: We received 16 respirators from donors … and we are preparing 3 other hospitals


Major General Mohamed El-Sherif, Governor of Alexandria, confirmed in special statements to “The Seventh Day”, that the executive agencies are fully and pre-prepared to confront and limit the spread of the virus, as part of the precautionary measures to confront the Corona virus, as Alexandria is currently preparing and equipping 3 other hospitals as a precautionary measure. With the required medical equipment and devices and the crisis medical supplies.

Major General Mohamed El-Sherif indicated that the governorate has received about 16 industrial respirators, provided by Alexandria businessmen who were quick to participate in that crisis, noting that these devices are distributed to hospitals that have a need or a shortage to cover their deficit.

The Governor of Alexandria praised the great role played by the Egyptian state and the Egyptian Ministry of Health in controlling the virus, as Egypt is one of the best countries in the rates of recovery and infection rates, thanks to the efforts of the state and the Ministry of Health, preparedness and precautionary measures taken by the government in this regard, and awareness campaigns that All state agencies launched it to raise awareness of ways to prevent this virus.

The Governor of Alexandria also praised the role of civil society in participating in the precautionary measures, as a “cabin” device was provided for analysis at the Isolation Hospital in Al-Ajmi, which is estimated at about 300 thousand pounds.

Regarding facing the shortage of medical supplies, the Governor of Alexandria said that in coordination with the Health Directorate and the Physicians and Pharmacists Union the problem of alcohol shortage has been overcome and is currently provided in pharmacies, as masks are available at a price of 6 pounds, and we have antiseptics, where all streets are sprayed and purified in conjunction with Time of the ban at night for sterilization and disinfection, confirming the regularity of bakery work and the availability of food commodities in the governorate.


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