Haifa Wehbe opens fire on Yasmine Sabry … Abu Hashima is assayed with his sexual scandals!


It seems that linking the name of the Lebanese actress Haifa Wehbe to her divorced Ahmed Abu Hashima and his new marriage to Yasmine Sabry has taken her out of her silence and pushed her to attack the couple.

Haifa participated in her official account on Instagram, a post that reads:
“Why do you enter me with a story that is not my story?” The plan is unsuccessful. “People will help you, you are free to some! But I am not covering my scandal, or jingle, nor the bell, or bitches … # I_Papa_Yalla !!”

Haifas comment initially sparked controversy about who was intended, but Haifas use of Imog the tiger settled the matter that what was intended was Abu Hashima, and what was meant by “scandal” was what Abu Hashima encountered after sexual videos spread to him recently.

It is mentioned that Haifa had requested that her name not be associated with the name of Abu Hashima, because he obtained fame by her name and did not want to obtain more of it at her expense .. Abu Hashima, who entered the golden cage recently with Yasmin Sabri, had pictures of them spread from the period of the engagement She is wearing a tiger-style dress similar to Haifa, and due to the introduction of the subject, Jasmine made a surprising step as she wore a tiger-embroidered shoe at her wedding ceremony as if to send a veiled message from the subject.

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