Hamada Tolba: Ferrera was not convinced of the level of Tariq Hamid due to the extra strength


Hamadeh confirmed his request, the famous international defender, that the famous Portuguese coach Ferrera, the former coach of the first football team in Zamalek club, was not convinced of the performance of Tariq Hamid, the best midfielder in Egypt at present.

he added Hamada students In statements to the program “Audience Al Thaltah” on OnTime Sports channel, the Portuguese coach, who achieved great successes with the White Castle, was speaking a lot and objecting to Tariq Hamid’s method of training, which is dominated by strength at the expense of focus.

Tariq Hamid explained that the period during which the Portuguese coach Ferrera was present was one of his most important periods as a footballer and he learned a lot.

He said: “Since Ferreira came to Zamalek, he focused on correcting the team’s mistakes with everyone, including me.” He added: The Portuguese coach was keen to adjust the playing style for each player individually and learned a lot from him, but Ahmed Eid Abdel-Malik was angry with some of his directions to correct the mistakes that He was committing it during the exercise. ”

He explained that this period was very special and after 40 days of continuous training the result appeared and the team became different from what it was before the arrival of coach Ferrera.

He pointed out that the coach did not consider Tariq Hamid at that time as one of the main players, pointing out that he had spoken with Hamed to amend his playing style, which was dependent on strength rather than focusing on playing football, and this style was not favored by the Zamalek coach.

He stressed: “My dream was to play for Zamalek, but before arriving, I had a long journey and it was a wonderful time when I played with Suez Cement at the time, I played in many centers, including Ras El-Harba, and scored 9 goals with the team.”


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