Hani Ramzi: The police almost arrested me for football


Hany Ramzy, the star of the former coach of the Egyptian national team, said he was almost in the police hands because of football when he was young.

“We were playing in the garage of the Ministry of the Interior with my friends when we were young, and once the police were going to arrest me and my comrades, but I managed to escape,” Ramzi added through comments on the program “Al-Wash II”, which is broadcast on Radio On Sport.

He added, “The month of Ramadan has special memories with me in the Abdin neighborhood. We used to participate in hanging Zinas month, in addition to playing Ramadan tournaments.”

He concluded: “We used to play from Morocco until Iftar and from after Iftar until Suhoor, at that time I was participating as a goalkeeper, there was no professional football in Bali.”


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