Happened at night. | Sisi’s letters to Egyptians and Corona set a very record


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Wednesday 08 April 2020

Yesterday night: until the early hours of Wednesday morning, witnessed many important events at the local and international levels: the most prominent of which were:

“We will not leave a person in need of assistance and will not waste the students.” … 20 messages from El-Sisi to the Egyptians

On Tuesday, President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi examined the armed forces’ preparations to counter the emerging Corona virus, at the Highkestep complex.

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Health: 128 new cases of corona .. and 9 deaths

On Tuesday, the Ministry of Health and Population announced that it registered 128 new cases that proved positive for its laboratory analyzes of the emerging corona virus, and 9 deaths.

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Information Minister: Extending the curfew hours is not required .. We are studying the advantages and disadvantages of the past period

Osama Haykal, the Minister of Information, said that increasing the number of hours banning the movement of citizens is not required now, and the trend is towards the continuation of the current situation regarding the ban for the next two weeks.

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The director of Luxor General Hospital reveals details of the dismissal of 40 nurses and 13 doctors
Dr. Khalaf Omar, director of Luxor General Hospital, said that there was a case that entered the hospital suffering from cardiomyopathy, and it was dealt with and brought back to life by doctors and nurses in the hospital.
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The Minister of Education: exams for the first and second grades are on time and will not be replaced by research

Minister of Education, Dr. Tariq Shawky, said that the electronic exams for the first and second grades of secondary schools, as announced in May, will not be replaced by research.
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New record: two thousand deaths and 30 thousand cases of corona virus in America

The United States has recorded about two thousand deaths and about 30,000 cases of corona virus in the past 24 hours, in the highest daily toll in the world since the epidemic.

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Corona Virus: Who Leads the British Government After Johnson’s Infection?

The British government has announced that Prime Minister Boris Johnson “is still largely in charge”, after being hospitalized for the worsening symptoms of his Corona virus. The kingdom’s foreign minister, Dominic Rapp, chairs the meetings in his absence.

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European Union: We want to help Africa with 16 billion dollars to tackle Corona

European Union Commission President Urzula von der Line confirmed on Tuesday that the European Union wants to provide 15 billion euros (16.3 billion dollars) to support the regions of Africa and other regions of the world in their efforts to counter the Corona virus.

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Trump: 110,000 ventilators will be ready soon

US President Donald Trump has announced that the US military is working to manufacture 15,000 medical beds and providing places to tackle the Corona epidemic.
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