Harold heads to Vanuatu, with devastating winds and huge waves



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Hurricane Harold, heading towards Vanuatu, in the South Pacific, has grown stronger and stronger, leaving devastating winds and massive waves, according to meteorologists.

Meteorologists said today, Monday, that the wind speed reached 235 km per hour, and the authorities put several provinces under a state of alert in this country, consisting of 80 islands, stretching at about 1,300 km.

The authorities warned residents of the risk of floods and asked boats to remain in the ports.

Hurricane “Harold” is expected to arrive tomorrow morning, north of the capital, Port Vila.

And lost at least 22 people on board a ferry that was on mission related to tackling the outbreak of the Corona virus emerging in the Solomon Islands, after apparently carried by the waves caused by the hurricane, as confirmed by local police Sunday.

Five bodies were found, according to the police, noting that search operations continued on Monday.

Survivors recounted that many people carried huge waves and violent winds, which reached the area where the ferry was sailing Friday before dawn.

On Thursday, the ferry “MV in Timariho” left the capital, Honiara, towards the remote island of Malaita, more than 120 km away. It was carrying out the mission of evicting people from their villages as part of the fight against the Covid-19 epidemic.

A cyclone forcefully destroyed the Vanuatu capital in 2015, killing 11 people.

Source: Agencies

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