Hazem Imam: Geraldo and Azzaro are the closest to leaving Al Ahly


Hazem Imam, the star of the Zamalek club and the former Egypt team, revealed the foreigner closest to leaving the Al-Ahly club during the next summer transfer period, after the decision to reduce the number of professional players in the Egyptian league.

Hazem Imam clarified in radio statements, saying: “Moroccan Walid Azzaro and Angolan Geraldo are the closest foreign couple to leave the Red Castle In the event that the decision to reduce the number of foreign players is applied, explaining: “Walid Azzaro created a crisis with Swiss coach Rene Filer before he transferred the Saudi agreement on loan, and Geraldo has a difficult opportunity to stay with the team because he did not participate mainly with Al-Ahly.”

The Football Association sent the list of players affairs to all clubs, and included not allowing the registration of a maximum of 4 foreign players for each club in the first division, as was the case last season, knowing that the number of foreign players will be reduced starting from the new season 2020-2021.

Al-Ahly and Zamalek include a large number of foreign players this season. Al-Ahly includes Alio Badji, Alio Diang, Geraldo, Junio ​​Ajay, Ali Maaloul and Walid Azaru loaned in the Saudi agreement for the end of the season, while Zamalek includes Ferjani Sassi, Mohamed Onajem, Ashraf Bin Sharqi, Kasongo and Hamid Ahad Al-Maar in The ranks of the Moroccan Raja.

In the same context, a state of ambiguity prevails over the fate of North African players in the Egyptian league in the coming season, especially as the Football Association announced the beginning of the current season that every club has the right to sign one player from North Africa, Syrian or Palestinian, to be considered as a local player for a period Only one season is the current season.

In view of the stoppage of the league at the present time and the lack of clarity of vision until now about his fate, whether by completing or canceling, questions about the fate of North African players in the coming season will appear on the scene, and will they be considered local in the next season if the league is canceled this season or the decision is extended to another season.

In this regard, a source revealed Ball Union The decision to consider one North African player as a local player is valid for only one season, and this is not the intention to extend the decision for the next season, whether the league has been completed this season or has been canceled.

He added that the Football Association is the most dangerous club at the beginning of the current season, considering one player from North Africa as a local player, for a period of only one season, and the clubs should reconcile their conditions according to this decision, explaining that the Football Association does not intend to extend the decision even in the event of canceling the league.


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