He died in “Corona” and then discovered the negativity of the tests. “Minyas health” explains the cause of the death of a citizen


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The Ministry of Health in Minya announced, on Saturday, that all cases suspected of being infected with the emerging coronavirus virus (Covid 19), samples from them are taken and examined in the pcr laboratory of the Minya Fever Hospital. .

A statement issued by the Directorate stated that a sample of one of the suspected patients was taken on March 31, and he died after the positive sample, which was analyzed in the pcr lab in Minya fevers, was confirmed on April 1, and the sample was re-analyzed in the central laboratories of the Ministry of Health, and its negativity was proven .

A statement of the Directorate of Health in Minya confirmed that the preventive measures taken with the case and those in contact with it are in the public interest for them and for the community, and based on the negativity of the sample, the isolation was ended for all those in contact with the case, and the Directorate thanked all cooperating parties in combating this epidemic.

A statement from the Minya Health Directorate

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