Health announces procedures to deal with deaths from the emerging coronavirus


The Ministry of Health and Population has announced measures to be taken while dealing with deceased cases as a result of infection with the emerging coronavirus (Covid 19).

Dr. Khaled Mujahid, Advisor to the Minister of Health for Media Affairs and the official spokesperson of the Ministry, said that the Minister of Health and Population, Dr. Hala Zayed, directed the transport of the deceased as a result of the infection of the Corona virus in the cars of the Egyptian ambulance, after a number of cases refused to transfer the bodies in the transport of the dead cars, as directed The preventive medicine sector in the directorates supervising the burial process.

The “Mujahid” stressed that the corpses of the deceased with the Corona virus do not transmit the infection if all preventive measures are applied, as the precautionary and preventive measures that were applied to the deceased case during her life must continue to be applied, noting that when the deceased case is transferred to the hospital refrigerator it is raised with the surrounding sheet With it and moved on a “trolley”, it is well disinfected and cleaned, taking into account the wear of the team specialized in transferring and washing the case by wearing a thick cloak that covers the arms and chest and extends to the bottom of the knee, a mask, a glove that covers the abaya to the wrist, a head cover, and long-neck plastic shoes, stressing the wear Or to wear protective clothing and dressing properly and wash hands with soap and water thoroughly after deposed.

“Mujahid” added that when washing and shrouding the deceased case as a result of infection of the new Corona virus, the specialized team washes the case by wearing personal protections, and entry of individuals whose presence is not necessary is prevented and in case of necessity, they should move away from the deceased for a distance of more than one meter and wear appropriate condoms such as catcher, glove, A face protector, a head cover, and a long-necked plastic shoe, with body parts that cause discharge must be covered with impermeable dressings.

He went on to say that the deceased person’s condition as a result of infection with the virus after washing and shrouding is carried out in the transport vehicle of the dead, or an ambulance, inside an impermeable bag of liquids, and it is taken into account that the deceased be inside a closed box that can be cleaned and disinfected, with the need to have the least number of people beside the deceased and wear personal condoms , Confirming that the box is not opened during prayer for the deceased or for any reason except when burial.

“Mujahid” pointed out that when opening the box to transport the deceased inside the cemetery, the obligation of the person who is buried should wear the appropriate personal protections, and the minimum number of people was present when the deceased entered the cemetery, and all the people present beside the deceased wash their hands with soap and water for a period of not less than 40 seconds Or massaging it with alcohol, adding that all surfaces that have been touched by the deceased starting from the bed and the refrigerators of the dead keeping refrigerator and the surfaces of the car he transported, and the dead transport box, are purified using the Ministry of Health and Population approved disinfectants, or using liquid chlorine 5% concentration and diluted to a concentration of 1: 9.

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