Hend Taher died at the age of 76 due to cancer


The Lebanese artist, Hind Taher, left. After a long struggle with cancer at the age of 76.

Lebanese websites revealed the death of the artist, and her family announced the reasons for her departure, as well as the funeral ceremonies where the family receives condolences over the phone because of the precautionary measures to limit the spread of the Corona virus.

Hend Taher participated in a number of artistic works, perhaps the most prominent of which was the series “Meshar Ramadan” in 1967, then she participated in several films, including “The Three Swindlers” starring Duraid Lahham and Farid Shawqi, directed by Niazi Mustafa, produced in 1968, and the movie “Al-Dyaa”. Production 1971, starring Rushdi Abaza and Nahed Sharif, directed by Muhammad Salman, and more recently she participated in the Egyptian Stock Exchange coffee movie, starring Alaa Morsi.

She also participated in many famous series, including “Alia and Issam”, “Al-Baklaa”, “Ras Ghalis”, “Ayouk and Rafqatwa”.

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