His son is hurt .. Strong comment from the Minister of Education on the purchase of research


Dr. Tariq Shawky commented Minister of EducationOn what is being discussed about the research price required of students, which amounts to one thousand pounds, saying: “Whoever pays a thousand pounds to buy a research that is ready for his son causes injustice to his son because he deprived him of education and going through the experience and pays money to harm himself and his children.”

The Minister of Education indicated that the third preparatory class student will present the project and whoever accepts it will receive the full mark in the second term and add to it the total of the first semester.

Shawky added during a phone conversation with The journalist Ahmed Musa The presenter of the program “On My Responsibility”, broadcast on the “Echo of the Country” satellite channel, said: “The new system of exams via the Internet provides all services at a very high and advanced level,” explaining that the Ministry of Education is cooperating with a number of foreign countries in the education system.

The Minister stated that the entrance of approximately 600,000 students into the exams is a record number of students ’admission.

The Minister indicated that the student can open the exam at any time from the time of the exam, and there is no problem in the event of an Internet break during the exam because the answers are sabotaged immediately.

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