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12:29 PM | Friday 03 April 2020

Ahmed Fathi: Feiler is the reason for my departure ... and the material offers did not affect my decision

Ahmed Fathi, the right back of Al-Ahly Club

reveal Ahmad Fathi Right back of the first football team in the club Al-Ahly, On the real reasons for his departure from the ranks of the Red Fort, for the first time in his statements published in the Emirates Today newspaper.

Fathi’s most remarkable statements about the real reasons about his departure from Al-Ahly: “I became essentially not involved with Al-Ahly, but I did not do any crises, and I went to Fyler, the coach of the team, in order to inquire about the reasons for not participating, it was always his response to me that I can not play for 90 minutes , Which made me sad and made my thinking about renewal change. ”

He continued: “Material matters were not the real reason for my departure. I received two years ago a very big financial offer from Zamalek, but I did not agree, as I received a bigger offer from Pyramids before the start of the current season, and I also rejected it because of my love for Al-Ahly.”

He explained: “If the matter is material, there are much stronger offers than the ones mentioned in the media, just as Al-Ahly’s offer is better for me, especially in the second season, which does not compel me to have a specific number of matches, thus ensuring the financial amount, but I preferred to search for a new challenge, I hope that I play the next World Cup with the national team if we manage to climb, and stay on the stadium as long as possible. The offers presented 3 years on the field and not just two years. ”

He concluded: “Now I am in Al-Ahly, I play one game and another, no, and I do not feel comfortable with the new coach, and even if I make good offers with the testimony of Al-Ahly fans, I find myself on the bench, and this is a technical matter and I did not do any problem in the team’s matches, and this is a right for the technical staff and management in Reliance on young players, but why does no one give me the right to search for a new challenge to be on the field?


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