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10:26 PM | Wednesday 01 April 2020

Pyramids for

Rajab Bakkar

Pyramids club board decided to approve the departure of Rajab Bakkar to the ranks Al-Ahly At the end of the current season, especially in light of the Red Castle’s interest in obtaining player services during the next summer transfer period.

An official source inside the Pyramids Club confirmed to Al-Watan Sport that the club’s administration does not mind the departure of Rajab Bakkar, the team player, and that the club’s management will not exaggerate the financial value of the player, and we will agree immediately upon the arrival of an official offer from Al-Ahly Club.

The source added: “The Pyramids administration wishes to continue the relationship between the management of the two clubs, especially after the transfer of Mohamed Magdi Afsha to Al-Ahly Club, during last season’s competitions, and Pyramids approaching the announcement of the contract with Al-Ahly club Sharif Ikrami and Ahmed Fathi, during the next few hours.”

Pyramids: The hiring of Fathi came after the coach impressed his capabilities

The source pointed out that the thought of contracting with Ahmed Fathi came after his presentation to the coach of the Croatian team, Anti Cacic, who was very impressed with the capabilities of the player and demanded quickly obtaining his services during the coming period.

Al-Ahly management is seeking to compensate for the departure of Ahmed Fathi, who announced his departure from the team at the end of the current season, in light of the failure to reach an agreement between the two parties to renew the contract.


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