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08:03 PM | Friday 24 April 2020

Surprise .. President of Zamalek

President of Zamalek Club

Blew a source inside a club Zamalek Surprise, that the club president received a large sum at one time to solve the players ’entitlement crisis

A source inside Al-Abyadh revealed that the club president contacted a major bank in order to exchange the amount of three and a half million pounds in one payment, but he received a refusal due to the central bank’s decision to prevent the exchange of any body more than 50 thousand pounds per day.

The President of Zamalek Club sent a letter and an acknowledgment to the Central Bank confirming that the amount was for the salaries of employees and workers, and accordingly it was agreed to exchange the amount, but the workers and employees did not receive any money, but a two-month salary was paid to the triple foreign players Ashraf bin Sharqi and Muhammad Onajm and Ferjani Sassi.

Zamalek president turns to banks to provide money for Zamalek

It is noteworthy that the President of Zamalek recently resorted to renting some stores inside the club, in the interest of the bank, with the right to use, in order to obtain funds and break the major financial crisis the club is currently witnessing, including the club’s failure to pay the salaries of workers and employees since last March.


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