Hope looms .. Australia promises tuberculosis vaccine against Corona


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Hopeful news is coming in recent hours. After the Russian Ministry of Health, which confirms that it does not see any obstacles to the use of the anti-malarial “hydroxy chloroquine” medicine in the treatment of the global corona pandemic, Johns Hopkins University reported on Saturday that Australia is testing a promising vaccine used to treat TB against Corona Virus.

The university added that Australia will test the “Calmette Guerin” vaccine for tuberculosis against Covid 19, adding that the said vaccine for tuberculosis is safe and tried.

It is noteworthy that the belief prevails in the scientific community, according to the Chinese newspaper, China Southern Morning Post, published in the Chinese language, that pandemic injuries and deaths are lower among those who were vaccinated against tuberculosis at childhood, which was reached by research and medical studies centers in several countries.

While the website of the University of Melbourne’s Murdoch Children’s Research Institute, on the authority of Professor Nigel Curtis at the institute, stated that the injection strengthens immunity against germs and bacteria that cause tuberculosis by no more than approximately 70%, and it may lose its effect in some times, and it is not welcome to vaccinate again, like he said.

Not the first time

This is not the first time, only the name of the TB vaccine has appeared in many days. In early April, scientists in many countries began testing the TB vaccine to see if it was able to boost the body’s immune system and help it resist the new virus, as researchers tested In Australia and Europe whether the Basil Calmette-Guerrin vaccine, which was introduced in the 1920’s to fight tuberculosis, may be adopted to combat the Coronavirus.

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Clinical trials focused on two groups that are at high risk of infection with the Corona virus and are health care workers and the elderly as well, according to the New York Times.

The vaccine contained a living but weak strain of tuberculosis bacteria that provokes the body to develop antibodies to attack tuberculosis bacteria, which is called the adaptive immune response, because the body actually develops defense against microorganisms that cause specific diseases after facing them, and most vaccines create an adaptive immune response to one disease. .

What about first-line defenses?

The tuberculosis vaccine is supposed to enhance, unlike other vaccines, the innate immune system, which are first-line defenses that prevent a variety of pathogens from entering the body or proving infection.

In turn, a study in Guinea-Bissau found that mortality rates among children vaccinated with vaccine were 50% lower, compared to children who did not get the vaccine. Some studies have also found similar reductions in respiratory infections among adolescents and the elderly who took the vaccine, which Johns Hopkins University reported today.

In addition, the Corona virus, which affects 193 countries and territories around the world, continues to harvest. On Saturday, more than 2,250,000 people, half of them in Europe, were recorded, according to the latest statistics from official sources around the world.

The epidemic, which the World Health Organization has described as the worst health crisis facing the modern world, has claimed 154,188 lives.

Europe took the largest share in this harvest, as the continent most affected by the epidemic recorded 1,115,555 injuries and 97,985 deaths, followed by the United States with 706,779 injuries, including 3,707 deaths.

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