Hosni Abd Rabo gives advice to Hossam Ashour and reveals his opinion on Ahmed Fathi’s departure from Al-Ahly .. Video


Hosni Abed Rabbo, commander and former Ismaili star, gave advice to Hosam Ashour Najm Al-Ahly The need to retire within the team, stressing that he made a great history that cannot be forgotten, and it is impossible to get lost in the event of the departure of any other team.
Hosni Abed Rabbo said in statements to the channel “On Time Sport” that he was wishing for the continuation of Ahmed Fathi Najm Al-Ahly Within the team and not to join Pyramids, especially in light of his achievements with the Red Genie.

Hosni Abd Rabo added that the best game maker in the Egyptian league is Abdullah Al-Saeed, the star of Pyramids, it is difficult to compare with any other player.

I complete that Ismaili D Alahli football club With many stars who added a lot to the team, the most prominent of them was Ahmed Fathi Mohamed Barakat Sayed Moawad.


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