Hossam Ghali and his son are the latest dancers on “O Nanana” via Tik Tok


Hosam Ghaly, the former Al-Ahly star and current director of football for the El-Gouna team, and his older son Mahmoud joined the Dancers’ Battalion on the song “O Nanana” via Tik Tok, a challenge launched by Ramadan Sobhi, the Al-Ahly player and his wife Habiba Ekrami among the football stars, to overcome the boredom of pauses Sports activity in Egypt and many countries due to the spread of the new epidemic of Corona.

One of the Capitano pages, on Instagram, posted a video of Hosam Ghaly’s dance with his son.

Hussam Ghali participated in the campaign to motivate citizens to stay in their homes to face the risk of infection with the Corona virus, as the Capitano posted his picture through his Instagram account and commented, “Be safe … stay at home.”

Earlier, Hossam Ghaly expressed his dissatisfaction with what is happening by the Red Castle administration with Moamen Zakaria, the team’s playmaker, who suffers from a chronic muscle injury that did not participate with the Red Team for more than a season and a half, where Ghali published a photo through his personal account on Instagram I gathered with Moamen Zakaria and commented on it, saying, “I don’t like what happens with Moamen Zakaria.”

Hossam Ghaly, the former captain of Al Ahly club and the current director of El Gouna football team, announced his acceptance of the challenge of goodness, which has recently spread among the stars of football and art, with the aim of helping families who have no fixed income in the current period, which will be the most affected elements with the spread of the Corona virus and a lot of Natural systems.

And he said Expensive In a video on his personal account on Instagram: I accepted the challenge of goodness from Trezeguet and Ahmed Dawood, and, God willing, I will sponsor 50 families for a month, in cooperation with the Resala Association and challenging Hazem Imam, Muhammad Fadl and Muhammad Farraj.

Nader Shawky, the manager of the company responsible for the El-Gouna team, revealed that the only obstacle in the inclusion of Al-Ahly goalkeeper Sharif Ikrami is the financial return.

Nader Shawky explained, during television statements, that there is a friendship between him and Sharif Ikrami, but the ceiling of the contracts in the El Gouna team has not been broken, as for the desire, it is reciprocal between El Gouna and my gratitude in contracting with him and agreeing to reduce his salary is a matter that is for me only.


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