How Shadi Muhammad responded to the calls calling for Ahmed Fathi’s return to the Red Fort


Shadi Mohamed, a former star of Al-Ahly, said that Ahmed Fathi, the right back of Ayman Al-Hamra, who refused to renew his contract recently, was a great player and served his club honorably.

Najm Al-Ahly explained in special statements: “It is not correct to describe Ahmed Fathi as an employee on the part of the masses and his great history is not erased.”

Shady Mohamed responded to the calls for refusing to accept Ahmed Fathi’s return to the Red Fort, especially in light of reports that the Joker had returned once again after his negotiations with Pyramids were frozen.

Ahmed Fathi informed Al-Ahly’s management of his departure at the end of the season after rejecting the red offer for renewing his contract. Best wishes for success to Ahmed Fathi, the first team football player, at the end of the current season. “

Ahmed Fathi, known as “The Joker”, fought 338 games with Al-Ahly, he managed to score 24 goals and scored 61 goals for the Red Genie, making the Joker one of the most important players in the history of the Red Castle.

At the level of titles, the Joker won 19 championships with Al-Ahmar, with 10 league titles, 3 African Champions League titles, two African Super titles, 3 Egyptian Super titles, and the Egyptian Cup title once.

Fathi began his career in the Ismaili Club in 2002, and in 2007 he moved to the English Sheffield and then Al-Ahly in the same year, and Kazma the Kuwaiti at the end of 2007 as well, and the Joker returned to the Red Castle in 2013, and spent a short period at the English club City to return to Al-Ahly and then left The Red Fort, joined the ranks of Umm Salal Al-Qatari and then returned to Al-Ahly since 2015.


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