How to do a research about the environment for the first preparatory grade from the digital library of the Ministry of Education


The Ministry of Education announced that it will provide scientific research to students instead of conducting exams for transportation years, in addition to the preparatory certificate, as a precautionary measure to counter the emerging Corona virus to reduce gatherings.

How to do an environmental research for the first preparatory grade

The student can choose the title of the research such as “the interaction of chemistry with the environment”, and the preparation for the research begins with his study and available information, whether from the digital library or textbooks.The research form consists of the subject title – the ID number – the researcher – the subject elements – the results – the sources, the model from Here

The research project includes the effect of overpopulation on the environment from hazards, global warming and chemical reactions, and influencing the climate in different environments.

The student can also use the chemistry in that research to find out the effect of chemicals on the surrounding environment and the interaction of different elements. It is also possible to use the English language to translate some important parts of the research.

And you can write tips on ways to preserve the environment in more than one language, using the help of what you have studied in the different subjects, and write a short article that explains the information and concepts that you have come up with, which is a summary of scientific research.

Digital Library (research for the environment for the second preparatory grade)

The student begins work Various research According to the requirements of the Ministry of Education, it can be known through the digital library of the Ministry of Education, which allows many researches that a student can use in the work of his research project, where the student chooses one project within 3 research projects.

It is mentioned that Dr. Tariq Shawqi, Minister of Education, has confirmed that the student will be required to prepare only one (multidisciplinary) research project in each academic year to move to the next year, explaining that the student can do the project alone or with a group of students (with a limit Maximum of 5 students) from April 9 to May 15, 2020.

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