Huawei prepares to reveal smart TV with a pop-up camera



Company prepares Huawei – In conjunction with the launch of its leading smartphones from the series (Huawei P40) in China – to reveal the latest smart TV from its manufacture (Huawei Smart TV X65) on April 8, after entering this field through (Huawei Smart Screen V75) measuring 75 inches The company launched in November 2019.
The company’s CEO, Yu Chendong, had announced that there was something exciting coming from the tech giant, and then revealed that Huawei would first show something big in the same event.
The Chinese technology giant Huawei, like many other manufacturers in the smart phone sector, is looking beyond its primary consumer products and is planning to set a foothold in the world of smart TVs as the next big thing.
Some appeared Leaks Describing the expected features and specifications of the TV, which is potentially an excellent choice for the big screen, and based on the posters, it is expected that the TV will come with a 65-inch (OLED) screen with a resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels, with advanced multi-channel sensors to adjust the color and speed of the screen , Making it the company’s first OLED TV.
There are 14 speakers under the screen for surround sound, which provides a distinctive sound system for the viewer, and the TV can intelligently define the spatial structure of the room in which it is placed by sending sound waves to discover the structure of the room, and this helps in creating a virtual spatial sound field model.

As rumored earlier, Huawei may provide the smart TV with a 24-megapixel pop-up camera with a very wide angle and supported by artificial intelligence, so that it can be used for video calls using the TV.

(Huawei Smart TV X65) can be operated with (Hongmeng OS) system, which was developed by the Chinese company for its smart devices, and it is also expected that there will be a unique way to control the TV without using voice commands or the remote control, by using the camera with Hand gesture controls.


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