Hussein Al-Sayyid: The title of the century is “Connect” to Al-Ahly


Hussein El-Sayed, the former Zamalek goalkeeper, said that the title of the century was given to Al-Ahly, and confirmed that Mortada Mansour, president of the White Castle, succeeded in making the team a strong “peer” for Al-Ahmar.

During his television appearance on the “Al-Zamalek” channel, Al-Sayed said: “The media succeeded in rhythming major countries, which is the reason behind the saying that Al-Ahly’s fan base is bigger than Zamalek.”

And the former Zamalek goalkeeper added, “This is illogical. Did those who repeat that statement carry out a complete restriction of the Egyptians to find out who the most popular masses are, the media is the one who issues that image.”

He continued: “The title of the century is separated for Al-Ahly, there is an individual within the African Union who carried out this act. I can almost assure that Essa Hayatou (the president of Al-Kaf at the time) did not know anything about this title.”

He continued: “I ask for an outline on the basis of which the title holder of the century is chosen.”

Hussein Al-Sayed turned to talk about Mortada Mansour, President of Zamalek and said: “Mortada made Zamalek a strong match in front of Al-Ahly, he knows how to negotiate well, as well as having the capabilities that affected Al-Ahly regarding the deals.”

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