I, if my son died saying to my son, a man died .. Muhammad Imam who participated in the selection and a thank you thank him


The star Muhammad Imam, his followers and fans, shared a picture of him behind the scenes of his scene, which he embodied in the fifth episode of The series of choice, As an officer responsible for one of the ambushes in the Al-Arish area during the attack and martyrdom of terrorist elements.

Imam, who came as an honorary guest on the series, published a photo of him in military clothes, through his account on Instagram, and wrote: “If I die saying to my son, your son died, God bless the martyrs of the homeland.”

The star Amir Karara soon published the image of Muhammad Imam from his participation in the fifth episode, thanking him, saying: “Sifting the ambush, O Mansi, may God have mercy on the martyrs of the nation (Thank you Muhammad Imam)”.

Amir Karara
Amir Kararas Instagram account

The fifth episode of the series witnessed the martyr artist Muhammad Imam’s death during the events of the fifth episode of the “Choice” series starring Amir Karara, which is shown on the screen of on As it embodies the character of Captain Fathi, the officer in one of the ambushes in Sinai after the mortar attack and heavy weapons on the ambush, and during a fierce battle between the power of the ambush led by Imam and terrorist groups, he is martyred in a very touching scene that pours up hearts.

The fifth episode of the series “The Choice” started with strong strikes by Ahmed Al-Mansi and his men, as well as terrorist groups, which claimed a large number of the nation’s sons, but Muhammad Imam blows the place with a number of terrorists, sacrificing his life and before him during his contact with Mansi, he tells him before his martyrdom: “I am dying.” Oh Ahmad, tell my mother your son, a hero has died. “

It is reported that Muhammad Imam had appeared in the fourth episode of the series as a leader with a battalion in North Sinai, and presented a scene with one of the soldiers overwhelmed by the comedy, where a military witness spoke while talking to his fiancee on the phone, and told him in a comic manner: “You are workers who recline and love in The phone, and I said no one was speaking on the phone during the service, ”to answer the soldier:“ I have spoken to her very strong .. I have addressed her for 3 years, and I have been reassuring about my uncle because he is dying. ”In a humanitarian case, Muhammad Imam gave his phone to the soldier to speak with his fiancee, and during that Events A terrorist attack on the battalion occurs, ending the episode.

The series “The Choice” starring Amir Karara, Ahmed Al-Awada, Dina Fouad, Sarah Adel, Dhiaa Abdel-Khaleq and a large number of artists, namely Mohamed Imam, Aser Yassin, Mohamed Ragab, Iyad Nassar, Karim Mahmoud Abdel Aziz, Majed Al-Masry, Salah Abdullah, and Karim Abdel-Khaleq, Muhammad Ezz, Maha Nassar, and others, written by Bahir Dowidar and directed by Peter Mimi, and produced by Synergy.


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