“I will bring you offers in Belgium.” Al-Ahly player reveals the role of Fyler in the


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Saturday 04 April 2020

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Hussein El-Sayed, the Tunisian club Sfaxien loaned to Al-Ahly, confirmed that coach Rennes Feiler, head coach of the Red Castle, offered him help to professionalize in Europe.

Hussein Al-Sayed said in statements to the channel “On Time Sports”: “I was not prevented from participating in Al-Ahly training, and upon my return from Saudi Arabia, Rene Filer took over the task of coaching the team and there were players bound with the team and playing in my positions such as Ali Maaloul, Ayman Ashraf and Mahmoud Waheed.” .

He added: “I had many loan offers and I wanted to complete with Al-Ahly, the club asked me to return from Saudi Arabia after my wonderful level there, and I said I would wait 6 months and try to take a place with the team.”

Hussein al-Sayyid continued: “It is difficult for Ali Maaloul to sit back up because of his level with Al-Ahly, and I refused to play for Ismaili because I wanted to take a chance with Al-Ahly.”

Marcelo continued: “Fyler was excluding players from a large group, I did not participate in the exercises, and I was satisfied with some exercises behind the goal, and I was connected to the case that I was crying because I am outside the division.”

“After one of the exercises, I sat with Feiler and praised my level of art, offered me help for professionalism in Europe, and he told me I could bring you offers to play in the Belgian League or Swiss League, and I thanked him and said if there are offers I agree.”

It is reported that Hussein El Sayed plays with the Tunisian Sfaxien on loan for 6 months.

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