“If we wait, half of the world will die.” .. A global expert reveals the tests


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Wednesday 08 April 2020

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Dr. Talal Nassouli, director of the International Bureau of Immunology Studies in Washington, said that the world is facing a very big catastrophe, and for the first time a very dangerous virus comes to attack the body in this way, and working to find a cure for it is a major challenge for scientists and medicine.

During his meeting with Al-Hadath satellite channel, Nassouli added that if we wanted a fully tested and tested vaccine to treat the emerging coronavirus, we would wait from 6 months to a year, in which case half of the world’s population would die as a victim of this virus.

The director of the International Bureau of Immunology Studies in Washington said that it takes day and night to work and conduct tests and studies on everything that could contribute to treating the virus, noting that whoever has money must contribute to that, as it happens in America.

Nassouli indicated that a study conducted in a laboratory in Australia on a medicine for scabies and rosacea to treat the virus, and the study revealed that once the virus enters the body, it reaches the cells targeting DNA to leave its RNA, thus sabotaging the cells ’work and the body’s functions.

The global expert continued that this treatment does not have side effects, was only tested in the laboratory and then tested on animals and then on humans.

Nassouli added that the University of Philadelphia has reached a new vaccine made of prickly corona virus (Covid 19), and this vaccine creates antibodies that attack the virus in the human body.

The director of the International Bureau of Immunology Studies in Washington said that once a person is injected with this vaccine, he will have strong immunity to the virus, and the response of the body to it will take from two to two or three months.

On the issue of malaria, Nassouli confirmed that this drug was tested on 1,600 people with coronavirus in America, and after 6 days of testing it with a small number of patients, the virus disappeared from the throat and throat.

On what was raised about the blood group’s relationship to immunity against the virus, Nassouli explained that the words are inaccurate and not scientifically confirmed.

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