Immediate removal of the violation of building a housing unit in the third district of New Damietta City


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Engineer Mohamed Ragab, head of the New Damietta City Development Authority, who supervises the new city of Mansoura, said that an immediate removal has been carried out to violate the construction of a residential unit on the fourth floor of the Alawi violating the requirements and without a permit to neighboring 13 in the third district of New Damietta, adding that the removal was carried out in coordination between my departments Development and security in the device and in cooperation with the city’s construction police.

Engineer Mohamed Ragab added that the legal procedures were taken against the perpetrator of the violation, pointing out that the departments concerned with the city’s authority were stressed to tighten campaigns and periodic and intensive traffic around the clock in the new city of Damietta, to monitor any violations and remove them immediately, and prevent the exploitation of the exceptional circumstances of the consequences of the Corona virus The new and taking legal deterrent measures against violators and transferring them to the Military Prosecution.

The head of the New Damietta Authority stressed that there is no negligence in dealing with violations in the city, in order to ensure the new Damietta City Authority to implement the directions of Dr. Assem Al-Jazzar, Minister of Housing, Utilities and Urban Communities, to address and deal decisively with building violations and transfer them to the military prosecution, and to deter violators who try to exploit the conditions Exceptional that the country is going through in the face of the emerging corona virus.

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