Important for third preparatory grade students .. The Minister of Education explains how your score is calculated


The Minister of Education and Technical Education confirmed that there are 1,800 students with junior high and it was difficult for us to take exams under these conditions.

Shawky explained during a phone call to the DMC channel in Egypt program that there is a mechanism for the success of the third preparatory students and their admission index, whether in high school or technical education.

He pointed out that students are already examining the first semester to obtain their degrees, while for the second term they will do research projects for all subjects and the quality of this research will be determined by the degree that they will get in the second semester, after which the two semesters are collected to obtain the full degree for the two semesters On this basis, it will be determined whether the student will enter high school or technical education, other than that many students currently choose technical education of their own free will.

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