In a speech to the government … Mohamed Abu El-Enein announces a contribution of 78 million pounds to cooperate with the state in confronting the Corona virus


Dr. Mustafa Madbouly, Prime Minister, received a letter from Mohamed Aboul-Enein, Chairman of the Ceramica Cleopatra Group Company, during which he directed appreciation for the great efforts made by the government in taking proactive measures, according to a vision and a successful strategy to besiege the emerging corona virus, and reduce its repercussions, praising With the professionalism of the Egyptian state in taking the decisions that protect Egypt from the epidemic, and taking social and economic decisions, it helped the Egyptians to bear the consequences, and supported the economic market to face the crisis.

Abu Al-Enein presented the contributions of the Cleopatra Group and the Abu Al-Enein Social Foundation in supporting the state’s efforts to combat the Corona virus, which amounted to 78 million pounds, in the framework of the cooperation of the private sector and civil society institutions with the state and support its efforts to limit the spread of this unprecedented epidemic, treating the injured and mitigating its negative effects Socially and economically.

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He explained that these contributions included a donation of 25 million pounds for the “Long Live Egypt” fund to support his great efforts in the face of the Corona virus crisis, and the Cleopatra Group, under the auspices of the Third Army field command, raised the efficiency, development and comprehensive renovation of Al-Sabah Hospital in Suez, at a cost of 24 million pounds , For the hospital to be ready for use at any time by the Ministry of Health as an isolation hospital.

The Chairman of the Board of Directors of Ceramica Cleopatra Group also indicated that he had contacted the Chairman of the General Authority for Hospitals and Educational Institutes to contribute to providing hospitals with the medical equipment needed to care for people with coronavirus, stressing that the costs of supplying, installing and operating devices at a cost of 3.3 million pounds were immediately incurred. It included providing a complete isolation and medium care ward for 10 families, and a medium care ward for treating Corona patients with respirators, as well as installing and operating 9 devices, 9 syringe solutions and a vinyl floor for the care ward of Imbaba Fever Hospital in Giza, as well as preparing a care ward New focus at Suez General Hospital, supply, installation, and operation of devices in Sohag Teaching Hospital, in addition to the supply, installation and operation of 3 industrial respirators for intensive care, 10 laryngoscopes, 10 devices, 10 syringes and solutions in Al-Ahrar Hospital in Zagazig, along with the supply, installation and operation of 4 oxygen sensors, Lung test and 6 batteries for respirator in Qeft Hospital in Qena.

He explained that the Abu Al-Enain Charitable Foundation organized several convoys for many governorates, and distributed 150,000 bags of foodstuffs to the most needy families, villages that witnessed health isolation, and those affected by the Corona virus, as well as from the bad weather wave at a cost of 25 million pounds, adding that it was directed Comprehensive campaigns to sterilize and disinfect all the streets, installations, mosques, churches, post offices and schools of the South Giza neighborhood, over a period of 25 days, and to continue these campaigns until now. The costs of purchasing disinfection, sterilization, spraying and implementing equipment have reached about one million pounds.

In addition to the previous contributions, Mohamed Abu El-Enein confirmed that the Cleopatra Group has committed to its duty to maintain the entry of more than 25 thousand workers in the group’s tourist, industrial, agricultural and media projects, and to obtain all their privileges without any being affected by the crisis, where the salaries of workers exceed 50 million pounds per month, This is despite the low cost of industrial production for 35% of energy and the impact of tourism.

For his part, the Prime Minister appreciated this positive initiative, which includes a variety of aspects of community work, in addition to preserving the rights of workers, stressing that the state appreciates the positions of a large number of businessmen that promote solidarity between the private sector and the state, and supports efforts to confront the current Corona crisis.

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