In brief .. Find out the first moments in the Misr Station disaster


Revealed Cairo Criminal Court Held in Abbasiya, headed by Counselor Dr. Jaber Al Maraghi, President of the Court, and the membership of Advisors Mohamed Ezzat, Mohamed Ahmed Abdel Malek, and Amanat Sir Sayed Najah, on the merits of ruling on 14 accused in the Misr train accident that killed 31 people and injured dozens, in the Public Prosecution Case No. 5264 of 2019 Azbakeh crimes.

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The court affirmed in the merits of its ruling that the first accused, Alaa Muhammad al-Ghar, came to his workplace on the day of the incident at nine in the morning, while his work starts from six in the morning and received the tractor No. (2302) without an assistant because the fourteenth accused Muhammad Abdul Aziz Muhammad Ali, did not Assigns an assistant in violation of this playlist, He set out to do his work After pulling the train No. (973) from the station berth to where Hosh Abi Ghats was, and after releasing his carriages from the tractor where he was accompanied by the ninth defendant, the maneuvering worker, Mahmoud Hamdi Tawfiq, who proved his use of narcotic substances “hashish”, and by his approval and laboratory analysis, he moved to move from railway No. 1) To Railroad No. (2) to conduct a maneuver that the eleventh accused, Mr. Abu al-Futuh Yusuf Muwafi, the Charge d’Affaires of Al-Hosh, informing the observation of the maneuver and its agent who was in the presence of a sea yard Abi Ghats according to the rules of work in it, but he did not. He reached the point of transfer without leaving the distance set before the Al-Fudo point, where the tractor No. 2305 witnessed the leadership of the second suspect, Ayman Shahat Abdel Ati Suleiman, who received the tractor from the fifth defendants, Sameh Sobhi, in Sartros and the thirteenth Mahdi Mohamed Mahdi Abdel-Alal, although he works as an assistant to the original and appointed driver to lead this puppy, the fourth suspect, Ayman Ahmed Mohamed Al-Adas, who was proven absent from work on this day, watched him coming on the same The I which I stand and quickly exceeded the speed prescribed within the yard identified quickly 8 km x accompanied the accused XII Massad Rashad Ali, the maneuver worker who was sitting in a vehicle Sbnsh attached to the tractor, contrary to the list of operating which states that the presence of the maneuver factor introduction jars rather than his successor.

The rationale indicated that what was of the first accused was only increased from Speed ​​of the tractor Driving it to the utmost speeds to avoid jamming, but it did not succeed, and this jamming occurred between the two locomotives, which resulted in damage to them and endangering the safety of people. The first suspect came out of the driving cabin as he had no assistant stepping off, leaving the tractor after he put the speed at its maximum and after removing the reflector arm After placing him in a position to move to the direction of the Cairo station in order to blame and quarrel with the second defendant without taking the usual insurance procedures in such a case and tampering with the security apparatus “dead man” by disrupting him, losing his benefit and making it unfit for work, which led to the tractor dropping out of the plow And the font He met at full speed, heading to platform number (6), where the tenth suspect, Mahmoud Fathi Amin, observer of the North Tower, was putting the needle falling No. 105 on the long position, and not on the fall position, in violation of the instructions, so the tractor collided with the platform and caused an explosion that led to a fire.

The rationale clarified that: Muhammad Abdul Dayem Ahmad and Imad Al-Din Safwat Abdullah and Bishoy Fathi Kamel Moawad, Ayman Mamdouh Abdel Aziz Muhammad, Samir Lot Lot, Ahmed Hamdi Mahmoud Ahmed, Atef Kotb Hassan, Mohamed Goda Mohamed and Ibrahim Mohamed Mohamed Abdel Majid, Muhammad Hisham Fathi Hafez, Yousry Fathi Sabah, Muhammad Ali Ibrahim and Ahmed Mohamed Abdel The Compassionate, Abd al-Mabdi`, Wissam Hanafi, Mahmoud Ibrahim, Yvonoun, Ayad Boutros Abd al-Malak, Marwa Hisham Fathi Hafez, Mahmoud Fawzi Muhammad, Samia Mahmoud Alewa, Makarios Radhi, Deed, Nadia Muhammad al-Sayyid Haider, Wahid Qadis Malak, Hadir Medhat Abdel Hamid, Khaled Muhammad Abdel Naeem, Nahed Abdel Al Ismail, Mansour Muhammad Amara, Atef Muhammad Zaki and the narrator of Ahmed El-Sayed, Hisham Fathi Hafez, Mohamed Reda, Mabrouk Abu Al-Khair, Abdel-Baset Ali Amin, Hassan Mohamed Mahmoud Darwish, and an unidentified child to charred his body and injure each of / Hanan Saeed Hassan, Ismail Mohamed Mohamed Sayed, Atef Abdullah Ismail and Ahmed Hassan Sayed Abdel-Ghani and Ashraf Ragheb Mahmoud Abish, Salah Ismat Abdel-Rahim, Hoda Shaaban Mohamed, Mohamed Adel Awda, Mohamed Magdy Abdel-Zahir, Mohamed Adel Ibrahim, Ismail Mohamed Mansour, Susanna Prince Rizkallah, Mohamed Mahmoud Mabrouk Hassabo, Mona Abdel-Fattah Ahmed Al-Baghdadi, Mohamed Karam Ahmed, Mohamed Mahmoud Mohamed Abdel Hady, Sherif Hussein Taha Hassan, Hany Wasef Swayha and Abanoub Khalil Percy Khalil and M. Hamad Adel Ibrahim Muhammad, as a result of the injuries sustained as a result of the fire, which are shown in the attached medical reports, as a result of the fire. The utility utility of the tractor No. (2302) and the damage to the building next to the platform No. (6) have been destroyed. The value of the damage amounted to eight million, eight hundred and eighty thousand pounds.

And the rationale added that it is a continuation of the series of crimes committed by the accused, as the second and eighth defendants, as public officials, used to commit forgery of official documents, as the accused participated with each other by way of agreement and assistance in committing fraud in the attendance and departure books for the distribution of drivers and assistants on the trains, as well as maneuvering workers as he put The second defendant, in agreement with the fourth defendant, signed it to the effect that the latter received his work duties contrary to the truth as an assistant to the tractor driver No. (2305), in the distribution book of drivers and assistants, and assisted them in that fifth defendant who supplied them with the notebook He guided him, while the third accused put his signature and attributed it falsely to the eighth defendant, stating that, contrary to the truth, the latter’s presence and receipt of his work duties on the scheduled dates, in the book of attendance and departure of the workers and observers of the maneuver, in conjunction with the sixth and seventh defendants by helping the third defendant to sign on behalf of the eighth defendant and by instigating them to Committing a forgery crime.

It was also stated in the rationale that the incident has taken evidence of its authenticity and attributed to the defendants, based on the testimony of both Saad Muhammad al-Sadiq Saudi, head of the Central Department of Planning and Maintenance in the mobile units of the National Authority for Egypt Railways, and Amr Abdel Nasser Abdel-Aleem Abdel-Hafiz, engineer maintenance of tractors Porsche sorting tractors At the National Railways Authority of Egypt, and Sami Abdo Iskandar, electrical observer at the Sorting Workshop at the National Railway Authority of Egypt, Hassan Saad Ali, an electrical technician, equipped with a diesel workshop at Abu Ghats, Sami Mohamed Afifi Shalaby, Deputy of Egypt Railways for the Maintenance and Technical Support Sector, and Hossam Bastawis El Gharib Chabon, head of the Central Administration for Long Distance Employment, Mahmoud Mohamed Ahmed El Batal, General Director of Operation at Cairo Station, Gamal Ali El Sayed, Head of Block and Control Towers Department, Gamal Taha Mostafa Amin Selim, Head of the Central Administration for Railway Engineering, and Major General / Mohamed Ali Mohamed Ghazal, Assistant Director of Equipment Supply Engineers Department of Engineers The military and the dean of the engineer Dr. Ahmed Zaki Ibrahim Ali, a member of the faculty of the Military Technical College and the colonel engineer / Majid Muhammad Fawzi, head of the equipment supply branch of the Department of Military Engineers and the dean of the engineer / Sherif Shaban Al-Basyouni head of the missile fuel department Yeh military technical provider Majid Khalifa, a member of the Administrative Control Authority and Major Khalid Quality Mr. officer, the General Directorate for Criminal Evidence and Major / Mohamed Fathi Amin Abdul Majid, the officer of National Security and Lieutenant Colonel / Ahmed Anas sector on Dergham, head of the Cairo police station.

The medical legal reports, the medical reports of the injured, the chemical laboratory report, the counterfeiting and forgery research department, the criminal evidence report, what was proven from the communications company’s communications and what was observed by the Public Prosecution regarding the unloading of the surveillance cameras and what was proven in the report of the committee composed of the engineers specialized in the Engineering Authority of the Armed Forces and the consultative office of the Military Technical College, ended with the accusations Alaa Fathi Muhammad Abu Al Ghar, Mahmoud Fathi Amin Khalil, Musaad Rashad Ali Ali and Ayman Al Shahat Abdel Ati Suleiman, Mr. Abu Al Fotouh Youssef Muwafi, Muhammad Abdul Aziz Muhammad Ali and Mahdi Muhammad Mahdi Abdel Aal and Of the accused / Ayman Al-Shahat Abdel-Ati Suleiman, Ayman Ahmed Mohamed Al-Adas, Sameh Sobhi Bastros Gerges, Mostafa Abdel-Hamid Mohamed, Atef Nasr Youssef, Yahya Saad El-Din Mohamed Al-Kashef and Adel Saif Youssef for committing the forgery subject of the accusation against them.

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