In light of the spread of the Corona virus … Important advice for chest patients before fasting Ramadan .. Get to know them


Dr. Ayman El-Sayed Salem Professor and Head of the Chest Department at the Faculty of Medicine, Kasr Al-Aini, Cairo University, provided a set of advice for patients with chest diseases, especially asthma patients, about fasting the month of Ramadan in light of the outbreak of the Corona virus, emerging, advising the preservation and maintenance of drug therapy and sprays by the month of Ramadan with a large period.

Dr. Ayman Salem explained that the respiratory system for asthma patients and various body systems is affected by fasting, especially if fasting for a long period extends to several weeks, and the ordinary person may potentially fast a day or two, but he will feel the cumulative effect of fasting also in the form of fatigue and fatigue, and the inability to Make an effort.Dr. Ayman Salem pointed out that fasting affects the respiratory system, especially patients with chest allergy, “asthma”, as it is deprived of water for a long time, and thus the body’s organs are exposed to dehydration, as well as mucous membranes lining the respiratory system, affected by dehydration and provoke the nerves in them.

The Professor of Chest Diseases in Al-Aini Palace noted that there are some mild cases with chest allergy that can withstand the severity of fasting for different periods, and medium and severe cases may deteriorate in her health condition and medication and sprays must be adhered to before the month of Ramadan with a large period, and despite that The condition may worsen for a period of days or weeks.

Dr. Ayman Salem stressed that it is important that a patient with chronic bronchial allergy, whether severe, moderate or mild in condition, adhere to regular drug therapy and sprays.

He noted that a patient with chest allergy may be noticed in the event of fasting with a deterioration in the form of increased acute episodes of severe shortness of breath and may continue for a period of hours, and may reach an acute asthma crisis with which the patient needs oxygen and an extended inhalation session of the airways, and must be here especially if the condition deteriorates Stop fasting.

This was issued a fatwa from Al-Azhar Al-Sharif; several years ago that the nebulizer does not break the fast, so an asthma patient can use it without embarrassment, and there are other types that break the fast, such as capsules.

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