In the second episode of “The Choice”: Sisi is Minister of Defense … and “Live.”


11:02 PM

Saturday 25 April 2020

Baha Hijazi wrote:

It ended a little while ago, the second episode of the series “The Choice” starring Amir Karara and Ahmed Al-Awadi.

The episode witnessed many events, and the episode started with outrage by Major Ahmed Al-Mansi over the Rafah ambush.

Then the camera displays live scenes of the burial of the martyrs of Rafah.

Here are the highlights of the episode:

– An argument took place between the military Saad and one of the Brotherhood members because of Saad’s request to extract papers to take his land from the Survey Authority, so he was asked to go to a demonstration to support Morsi.

– The series reviews a real scene of the presidential spokesperson, Yasser Ali, announcing the appointment of General Al-Sisi as Minister of Defense; Ashmawi says that President Morsi appointed Al-Sisi as Minister of Defense after being informed of the Rafah incident two days earlier.

– Ashmawi wants to travel to Syria to jihad in it like bin Laden; and he requests a friend of his to help him communicate with the Al-Nusra Front in Syria.

– Majed Al Masry, a guest of honor, appears in the series as a leader who asks Mansi to travel for a training mission.

– Al-Mansi prays with his son Hamza during the Eid Al-Fitr prayer; then Al-Mansi knows the news of carrying his wife and wishes to have a girl.

Ashmawy refuses to eat cakes during the feast because he is an innovation and asks his wife to store it after the Eid, while preventing his children from eating it.

– Abdullah’s brother, Abdullah, joins the Border Guard Corps, and his mother fears for him, so Saad goes to the Mansi to ask him to transfer Abdullah, and he rejects the Mansi.

– The series monitors the complementary constitutional declaration issued by Mohamed Morsi, and then the sit-ins of millions against the decision to display live scenes of the sit-in.

The woman whom Mansi brought in yesterday’s episode goes to his home to inform him of her son’s departure from demonstrations against Morsi and that he will not return after him. So the Mansi returns him and plays the role of the artist, Islam Jamal.

– The series reviews the long petrol queues during Morsi’s rule.

Ashmawi goes out of service with a medical commission and takes off the military suit; at the same time, the Mansi explains the map of Egypt to his son Hamza.

In the episode, the artist Iyad Nassar appears as Major Ibrahim, a parachute officer; and he is assigned with Mansi to conduct a special operation in Sinai to comb a den of terrorists.

Hisham Ashmawi travel to Syria and informs his family that he is traveling to Turkey.

The artist Aser Yassin appears as Captain Captain Ali, who participates with Mansi in the operation.

The episode ends with footage on Mansi’s plane that heads them to the site of the operation, other clips of his wife suffering from birth pain, and other shots of Ashmawi’s travel outside the country.

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