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Saturday 04 April 2020

Monitoring – Ashraf Jihad and Issam Khudairi:

The new Corona virus (Covid 19) continues in various countries of the world, spreading to different countries of the world. The number of confirmed cases of the virus around the world exceeded one million and 170 thousand and 159 cases at the time of writing the report.

Masrawy publishes a timeline of the outbreak of the new Corona virus (Covid 19) in various countries of the world, and the rate of daily increase in infections in different countries from January 22 to April 3, according to official statistics that are updated daily from the World Health Organization and ministries of health around the world .

The virus arose in Wuhan, China in late 2019, and spread to more than 180 countries by April 1, 2020.

The virus began to transmit to neighboring Asian countries in early January. Before he began his journey to travel between continents in the same month to appear in Europe, Australia and North America. Although the disease appeared in several European and Western countries in January, none of these countries took any effective measures to address the disease, which was killing the citizens of China at the time.

On January 29, the disease appeared in the first Arab country, the UAE, which recorded 4 cases, while Italy recorded its first case on January 30, and the situation quickly deteriorated in the European country, while the UAE partially controlled the spread of the virus on its soil.

The Princess Amira ship appeared as the second largest outpost of the virus outbreak on February 10, and alone recorded 705 cases on February 28.

On February 20, the dramatic rise in injuries began in Italy, which came out of the list of the twenty most affected countries to finish second after China in just 18 days. Simultaneously, Iran and South Korea recorded a less insane escalation in infections, while the rise of the virus began in the United States at the beginning of March as well.

In mid-March, Europe began to take the lead in Asia. On March 18, the United States began a dramatic surge in casualties. More injuries were reported from China for the first time on March 26. Hours later, Italy, which temporarily removed China to third, was overtaken by Spain overtaking it on March 29.

On April 2, Germany is ahead of China, with 87,662 injuries, with the European country ranked fourth. China remains Asias only representative in the five most affected countries after 3 European countries and America. The latter has recorded 3 times the injuries of China so far.

Through the Masrawy Index, you can see the time map of the Corona outbreak, the ranking of the 15 largest and 15 least-recorded injuries and the movement between the most and least-recorded injuries to follow the changes that have occurred since last January.

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