Iranian Shura Council Chairman Ali Larijani has been infected with the Coruna virus


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On Thursday, Iran announced that Shura Council Speaker Ali Larijani had been infected with the Coruna virus.

An Iranian Ministry of Health official had confirmed a new leap in injury and death cases in the country, as a result of the new Corona virus.

The official said that the number of cases of corona in Iran has reached 47,593, and the number of deaths reached 3036 cases.

The spokesman of the Iranian Ministry of Health, Kyanosh Jahanpur, revealed to state television, on Tuesday, that 3703 of the total injured were in critical condition.
On Sunday, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani had warned that “Coved-19” might remain in place for a year or two.

“I would like to make it clear to our people that the Corona issue is not a crisis that can end in a week or month in Iran or in the world. This virus has come and entered society, and it can remain,” the Iranian Fars news agency quoted him as saying in a cabinet meeting. For a year or two. ”

“Therefore, we should work to provide acceptable social conditions to confront this virus,” he added.

Rouhani called for transforming societal practices such as not shaking hands and maintaining social estrangement into a “lifestyle”.

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