Is Corona virus transmitted by air conditioners?

15 reported that scientists have discovered a puzzling chain of infection with the Coronavirus in a restaurant in Guangzhou, southern China.

According to the website, 10 people were infected with “Corona Virus“ The newcomer after they visited this restaurant, although they are not members of one family and did not mix or sit at the same table.

The scientists noted that the restaurant does not have windows, and uses air conditioners to ventilate its five floors, and they suggested that the infection was transferred from one injured person in the restaurant to the rest of the people. But this person was only able to pass on the infection to those who sat near him!
And the scientists concluded, according to the same site, that the transfer of the mist occurred in this case, most likely through the air stream from the air conditioners.

Most Insiders spend about 90 percent of their time in an indoor environment, such as buildings, cars, or public transportation, the Business Insider website said. This means that we breathe air that we share with others in the same environment.

“Air conditioners take and recycle air in place, and in this way the drops travel around the room,” said Qingyan Chen, a professor of mechanical engineering at Purdue University.

Chen pointed out the outbreak on the cruise ship “Princess of Diamonds” with the injury of 700 out of 3000 passengers in Koruna, even after the application of quarantine measures. He says, “Even after the quarantine, the number of injuries continued to rise, and I think the central air conditioning system played a pivotal role in that.”

The results are not final

Deutsche Welle, in turn, confirmed that despite these results, it is still too early to judge the seriousness of the air conditioners. The German Federation of Industrial Construction Equipment was quoted as confirming that air filters prevent mist droplets from flying through the airflow from the air conditioner. As for the Federal Office for the Environment in Germany, it depends on the type of air conditioner and the quality of its maintenance. The office recommends ventilating the rooms well to avoid the risk of infection in general, according to the“.

The same also applies to car air conditioners, according to Ernst Tabore, director of the German Center for Medical Hygiene Consultation and Sterilization. “As long as the air conditioner sucks fresh air, there is no problem. As with frequent internal air stirring, the risk of transmission increases,” says Tabouri. Therefore, it is advised to ventilate the enclosed space with outdoor air every now and then, according to the website “Deutsche Welle

In this context, “Business Insider” published reassuring news: Despite the injuries that occurred in the Chinese restaurant, the matter was limited to only ten of the 83 people who were in the restaurant at the same time, which means that the air conditioners do not transfer drops. Spray for long distances.

Top tips

According to Business Insider, a recent study at the University of California and California found that the best way to avoid infection in enclosed spaces is to open the window. “If there is a sick person in the house, then opening the window becomes necessary so that the outside air relieves the virus-carrying drops inside the house,” Chen told the site.

During extremely hot times when the window is difficult to open, experts advise that the patient be kept as far as possible from the air-conditioning port. Anna Roll, an assistant professor of environmental health and engineering at Johns Hopkins University, says to the site that she recommends the use of air conditioners.

Roll noted that her study discovered that social spacing comes first to prevent the spread of infection with corona and is followed by good ventilation. In this case, the air conditioner is not harmful because it draws warm air from inside (which may be loaded with the virus) and gets rid of it by removing it from the outside. Therefore, the high-quality air conditioner, which is regularly maintained, does not pose a danger, according to Roll.

She advised “Anna Roll” not to excessively cool the air this summer because the virus loses its ability to infection the higher the temperature, and remains on the surfaces for a longer period the cooler the air. According to the American newspaper Newsweek, it is preferable to open the curtains until sunlight enters the rooms.

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