Islam Jaber guarantees his seat in the list of Zamalek next season


Islam Jaber, the playmaker of Zamalek, ensured his continuation within the team in the new season, despite his few contributions to the team this season, where he participated with the white team in 7 games and the total number of minutes during which they participated in them was approximately 257 minutes and he made a single goal, except that French coach Patrice Carteron believes the player will be a distinct element with white.

The French coach intended to grant Islam Gaber, alongside Mustafa Fathi, a playmaker Zamalek, Opportunities to participate in the local white team matches regularly in the basic formation of the team, unless the sport activity stops to avoid the spread of the Corona virus, which prevents this, so the pair will get their chance when the sport activity returns.

The Frenchman, Patrice Carteron, is keen to continue following the running training for the players, as each player was asked to perform a daily ration and various exercises, in order to maintain their physical fitness, in light of the negative stopping situation that the players are subject to in the current period, within the framework of the precautionary measures to avoid The risk of corona virus outbreaks.

Mohamed Antar, the team’s playmaker, the last of the Al-Abyad players, came to run training exercises that he is carrying out in his hometown of Abu Tig Youth Center, after the work of cleansing and sterilizing the center well, as the player is engaged in individual exercises to maintain his fitness in the light of avoiding gatherings and implementing medical instructions Regarding avoiding the spread of the Corona virus, in the framework of the French coach’s endeavor to keep the team players in their physical fitness at the current stage in light of the cessation of sports activity in Egypt.

The French Carteron is keen to follow up the case of Zamalek players periodically, as a number of players underwent various training during the current period between using gym equipment at home or taking pressure and endurance training other than running training that was performed by a large number of team players, led by Tariq Hamed player Al-Wasat, along with training in open stadiums, and these players are led by goalkeeper Mohammed Abu Jabal, who attended his training at Al-Wasiti Youth Center in Assiut Governorate, where he obtained the training program from the white technical apparatus, led by the French Carteron and implemented.

Zamalek, under the leadership of French Patrice Carteron, succeeded in winning the African and Egyptian Super Championships at the expense of Tunisian and Al-Ahly, respectively, and Al-Abyad qualified for the semi-finals of the African Champions League, as Zamalek will face its Moroccan counterpart Raja Casablanca in the semi-finals of the African Championship. Which has been postponed by the Confederation of African Football (CAF), for an indefinite period, after it would bring them together in May, as part of precautionary measures to reduce the risk of the Corona virus outbreak.


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