Ismail Youssef: I rejected Gulf offers … and presented with Hassan Shehata the best generations of football


The former Zamalek star revealed that he received attractive Gulf offers after announcing his retirement, adding, “I received offers from the Saudi League and I was 33 years old at the time, but I refused to wear a shirt other than Zamalek.”

He continued: “I have not played for any club other than Zamalek throughout my career, and I preferred to work in any position in the white club after retirement.”

Tigana expressed his honor to work as assistant to Hassan Shehata in the ranks of the Egyptian youth team at the beginning of the current millennium, saying: “I enjoyed a lot of work with Hassan Shehata in training the Egypt youth team and we achieved the title of the Nations of Africa 2003 and reached the World Cup at the time.”

And he continued his statements: “We presented a promising and distinguished generation of the Egyptian ball at the time, which included Imad Miteb, Hosni Abd Rabou, the late Mohamed Abdel Wahab and other stars who were the nucleus of the first team.”


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