Ismaili on reducing the number of foreigners in the league: the priority for Fakhruddin bin Youssef


A source in the technical staff of the Ismaili club revealed that his club will conduct an evaluation of foreign players at the end of the season to determine the departed and continuing in the new season, in line with the decision of the Football Association to reduce the number of foreigners. The source said in exclusive statements to “The Seventh Day”, “The priority for us is the continuation of the Tunisian Fakhruddin bin Youssef, the striker of the team after his brilliance with the team, and in the event of an extension of our contract with the player, he will be registered as a foreign player after the advantage of registering North African players as local players expires.”

The source added, “In the event of the departure of Fakhruddin bin Youssef from Ismaili at the end of his contract, which ends at the end of the season, we will not have players from North Africa because the Iraqi Hammam Tariq is registered as a foreign player.

The source continued, “At the end of the season there will be a detailed report on the level of foreign players Hammam Tariq, Fakhruddin bin Youssef, Bikiti Silva, Shilongo and Kadu to resolve their fate after determining the position of the return of the league championship or not.“.

The Football Association adheres to the application of the list of players ’affairs in the coming season, which was sent to the clubs before the start of the current season, specifically with regard to foreign players in the Premier League.

The Football Association sent a list of players affairs to all clubs, and included not allowing the registration of a maximum of 4 foreign players for each club in the first division, as was the case last season, knowing that the number of foreign players will be reduced starting from the new season 2020-2021..

Source detection Ball Union That the decision to consider one player from North Africa as a local player is valid for only one season, which is the current season, and there is no intention to extend the decision for the next season, whether the league has been completed this season or has been canceled..

He added that the Football Association is the most dangerous club at the beginning of the current season, considering one player from North Africa as a local player, for a period of only one season, and the clubs have to reconcile their conditions according to this decision, explaining that the Football Association does not intend to extend the decision even in the event of canceling the league.


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