Italy breathes … and New York exceeds the number of victims of September 11


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The number of deaths has increased Corona Virus In Italy 604 cases today, Tuesday, which is less than the number of cases recorded yesterday, which amounted to 636 cases, while the number of new cases of infection recorded the lowest increase since March 13.

The Civil Protection Agency said the total number of deaths in the most affected country since the outbreak of the Coruna virus began on February 21, to 17,127.

The total number of confirmed cases increased to 3039 cases today, Tuesday, to 135,586 cases in the second consecutive daily decline, which confirms the increasing confidence that this disease is declining thanks to the general isolation measures that were applied on the ninth of March.

New cases rose 3,599 on Monday. Previous daily increases from March 17th ranged between 4,050 and 6,657 cases.

And 24,392 cases were cured today, Tuesday, among the cases that were originally infected, compared to 22837 cases on Monday.

from Italy
from Italy

More than the number of September 11 victims

The number of people who died from the new Corona virus in New York City exceeded the number killed in the September 11 attacks on the World Trade Center.

At least 3,202 people were killed in the city due to the emerging virus, according to a new census released by city health officials on Tuesday.

The deadliest terrorist attack on American soil killed 2,753 people in the city, and 2977 people in general, when hijacked planes collided with the World Trade Center, the Pentagon’s headquarters, and a field near Shanksville, Pennsylvania, on September 11, 2001.

From New York
From New York

The new virus has made New York “Ground Zero” a national tragedy, the epicenter of a crisis that is reshaping Americans’ lives and freedoms.

New York City recorded the first death from the emerging virus on March 13, less than two weeks after the first infection was confirmed.

Health officials announced 114 new cases in Washington, DC, bringing the total to 1,211, with 22 deaths.

Mayor Muriel Boozer issued a stay order on March 30 to nearly 700,000 residents of Washington. Maryland and Virginia did the same.

Bouzar also declared a state of emergency last month, closed all schools and ordered the closure of all unnecessary companies.

White House and Congress tours were canceled and the National Zoo, Smithsonian Museum Network and Kennedy Center closed.

Britain record

While Britain recorded 786 additional deaths from the emerging coronavirus in 24 hours, in a new record, bringing the total to six thousand deaths in the country as the government announced on Tuesday.

6,159 patients died in hospital after they were diagnosed with Covid-19 as a total outcome, the Ministry of Health announced. There are 213,181 people who have undergone screening tests, including 55,242, and their results are positive.

From Britain (AFP)
From Britain (AFP)

In Turkey, the Minister of Health announced that the number of deaths due to corona has risen to 76, to 735, and to the registration of 3,892 new cases.

While the number of deaths due to the emerging coronavirus around the world rose to 75,542 people on Tuesday, according to a toll prepared by AFP at 11:00 GMT, according to official sources.

The number of deaths in France increased to 10,328, and includes the number of deaths in the homes of the elderly, which is 3237, and the number of hospital deaths, which is 7091, bringing the total number of deaths to 10328, an increase in the total number estimated at 1417 in 24 hours.

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