Judicial verdict convicting Kazem El-Saher .. Learn about his crime


A Jordanian court issued a ruling condemning the Iraqi artist Kazem El-Saher, in the lawsuit that was filed against him after he performed two concerts in 2018 and 2019 without obtaining a prior license from the Jordanian Artists Association.
And the court’s decision on Sunday stipulated obliging Kazem to pay a fine to the Jordanian Artists Association in the amount of “44,000” US dollars or the equivalent in Jordanian dinars. The court also ruled that it includes fees and expenses and the amount of “1000” dinars, attorney fees and legal interest at a rate of 9% that applies from the date of the claim until full payment.
Al-Saher also had to pay 10% of his estimated wage allowance at $ 110,000, although the government asked him several times to correct his conditions, but he did not respond to the plaintiff, i.e. the union, and therefore he filed this lawsuit.


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