Julia Boutros responds to her ID birthday greeting her


Julia Boutros responds to her ID birthday greeting her


Lebanese singer Julia Boutros

Lebanese singer Julia Boutros responded to the congratulations and tweet of the Israeli army spokesman, Avichai Adrai, addressed to her on the occasion of her birthday, considering it a “poisoned greeting”.

The media office of the Lebanese artist, through her private account on Twitter, published a statement denouncing Adrai’s comment and greeting that came on her birthday yesterday, Wednesday, and considered the office as a “poisoned greeting”, stressing the rejection of this “suspicious greeting.”

The statement added that “whoever occupies the occupation and commits crimes and massacres does not possess a minimum of musical sense and a taste of art and melody, because he is prejudiced by killing, terrorism and torture”, and that “no matter how the enemy tries to appear as a meek and compassionate lamb, he will not be able to erase what he committed – nor Still – against the oppressed and tortured Palestinian people, and against the Arab peoples in general and the Lebanese people in particular. “

The IDF spokesperson, Avichai Idrai, published a tweet in which the artist Julia Boutros described it as “a supporter of terrorism and its supporter”, wishing her to spend her birthday next year with friends and away from Kurna, and gifted her playing her song “No with your dreams.”

Source: Agencies


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