Karim Hafez reveals the reasons for his refusal to join Al-Ahly


Karim Hafez, the left back of the Turkish team of Malatya Sports, revealed the details of previous negotiations between him and Al-Ahly to join the ranks of the Red Castle.

“From a period of about a year and a half, I was in negotiations with Al-Ahly club, when I was a professional in the French league,” Hafiz said in televised comments on the Primo program yesterday.

The player added, “I refused that I would return Egypt this period and informed Al-Ahly officials about this. After a while, Mr. Moawad, the former coach of the team, spoke to me to find out my desire to return to the team and I certainly welcomed, but I assured him of my desire to continue professionalism.”

Hafez continued his statements, “The negotiations between me and Al-Ahly did not reach the time of material matters, my refusal to return to Al-Ahly, which I played for 6 years in the junior stages, comes because of my desire to continue European professionalism.”


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